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Rodney Westphal

LSV Lunch, Franklin

Enchanted Tour, Las Vegas, NM
August 16-19, 2018

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Happy Anniversary

Ed & Norbel Hildreth 20th
Rocky & Pat Walden 1st

Happy Birthday
Sandra Donnell 22nd
Cindy Holik 9th
David Lawson 18th

The Lone Star Voyagers Motorcycle Club, a charter club of the American Voyager Association, founded by Mike and Chere' Shoemaker in January of 2003.The club originally focused on uniting Kawasaki Voyager owners but has expanded to include all makes and models of motorcycles. All are welcome.
We are a family oriented riding club with a focus on riding, fun and fellowship. We have events generally every month, mostly lunch runs and thruout the year, rides are planned by members. Times and locations are posted on the website and calendar. Anyone can come to these events. Attendance is not mandatory, but we will miss you if you don't come. We have 4 scheduled camp-in weekends each year. March Spring Fun Run in the Big Bend area of West Texas. April is usually in the Hill Country. August in New Mexico alternating between Silver City and Las Vegas. And Fall is normally in the state of Texas, but not necessarily so. Dues are $7.50/year and $15.00/year for couples. Dues are due in January. For anyone who joins after October 1st, dues include the following year.
Officiers in 2018 are: Cindy Holik (president), Jan Henry (sec/treas), Dave Schani (road captain).
You can view photos of club events or submit photos by visiting the photo page.

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