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Rodney Westphal

LSV Lunch, Franklin

Hill Country Tour, Camp Wood, TX
April 21-24, 2016

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A - L   December 2014   LSV   Club   Links   Alamo Springs Cafe, Alamo Springs   May 16
M - Z   January 2015   AVA   Members   Photo Page   Pie In The Sky, Conroe   June 13
    March 2015     Vendors   Spring Fun Run   Double D, Comfort   July 11
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Calendar 2016   Winter 15/16           Voyage Home   JW's Steakhouse, Carmine   Oct 10
    Spring 2016           Mission Statement   Chess Club, Blanco   Nov 14
                    Casa Rodriguez, Bryan   Dec 12
  H5               Yankee's Tavern, Anderson   Feb 13
                Orsak's Cafe, Fayetteville   March 12
                Oscars, Temple   April 9
                    Snows, Lexington   May 14
                    Southern Flyer, Brenham   July 9
                    Alamo Springs Cafe, Alamo Springs   Aug 13
                    Pie In The Sky, Conroe   Sept 10

Happy Anniversary

Paul & Jenny Cadran 24th
Bruce Fowler 17th
Jerry & Kay Montgomery 28th
Bill Nagy 18th
Bob & Dorothy Schneider 11th
Rick Taapken 24th

Happy Birthday
Robert Bradley 11th
Jackie Chavarria 7th
Bobby Enger 17th
Don Medina 15th
Pat O'Gorman 18th

The Lone Star Voyagers Motorcycle Club, a charter club of the American Voyager Association, was founded by Mike and Chere' Shoemaker in January of 2003.The club focuses on uniting Kawasaki Voyager owners throughout the state, promoting a family environment, but welcomes all makes and models of bikes. Dues are only $7.50 / year for one up riding or $15 / year for two and are paid in January. Members who join after October 1st get that time added on to the following year.
We are a family riding club with events scheduled about once a month. The time and location can be viewed on the events calendar or in the newsletter. The calender is established in a business meeting that we have in the fall. Normally we host 2 camp-in weekends in the hill country each year.
There is a bi-monthly newsletter where articles are submitted by members,a bike of the month profile and a web site. We are a fun club with no attendance or participation requirements. Our headquarters are in Liberty, TX.
Officiers in 2012 are: David Lawson (president), Larry Lawson (VP), Richard Baxter (newsletter editor), Sandra Judge (sec/treas), Dave Schani (road captain).
You can view photos of club events or submit photos by visiting the photo page.

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