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Hill Country Tour April 19-22, 2018
Big Oak River Camp Park, Camp Wood, TX
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Thu 19

Arrival. Set up lodging, check in and visit.

    6 PM (?) BBQ sandwiches, coleslaw, potato salad
Fri 20 7:30 AM Breakfast sandwiches
    9:00 AM Riders meeting and head out for the days ride.
    6 PM (?) Shish Kabob's, rice pilaf, salad
Sat 21 7:30 AM (?) Breakfast Taco's
    9:00 AM Riders meeting and head out for the days ride.
    6 PM (?) Eating out and LSV meeting
Sun 22 Pack and head for home. Ride safely, and be sure to post on the forum when you get home.



Meals will be at Gerald and Cindy's site. Anyone who would like to bring dessert for Friday or Saturday evening, please let Cindy know.
Deposit for sites needs to be made before March 1st or they will be let go.
reservation and site information below
Cabins $100/day (Total + tax $330.00
Cabin C7 Reservation 17868
Cabin C8 Reservation 17869
Cabin C9 Reservation 17870
Cabin C10 Reservation 17871
RV Sites $28/day (Total + tax $84.00)
NRV 8 Reservation 17866
NRV 9 Reservation 17865
NRV 17 Reservation 17864
NRV 18 Reservation 17863
NRV 19 Reservation 17862 (Gerald & Cindy)
Accomodations for this fantastic event
Campground Big Oak River Camp Park  
Camp Wood, Texas  
(830) 597-5280    
Friday Ride Saturday Ride